Ok, is there a list of things you can get in that tappymatsu mini game? Before the update, i was always getting about 300-400 taps and receiving mostly diamonds. But now I tap only 170-180, have 6 characters and I ALWAYS receive 66,666 coins. rip me

sorry for late reply, but here, check this, it will help you out



what does the “oct. 1” mean in the retired comeback gatcha ?? :0 with my two rolls so far i’ve gotten really lucky (nyaa-chan and pop ep!totty aaaa,,) and i wanted to know if there was anything tied to that, or i just used my month’s worth of luck

oh no it’s 1 every 10. if you roll 10 times, you guarantee to get at least one 4 star card! 

ohhh, and i don’t think it’s tied to that. you simply got lucky. luckster

Psst. Mod Jyushi. Wrong Choro description in that last ask!

Whoops, that’s going to cause a lot of chaos then, apparently I cannot read this days either – .  I guess I should publicly apologize now ??  @catherinearbourSorry, Mod Jyushi is dumb as heckie~ .

Meh, I need caffeine or something, I won’t cause much more hassle for today, I’m not needed for once.

~Mod Jyushi

Weird question here that I’m hoping one of you can answer. What is Childen’s Day Choro attacking with?


Well, my friend, it’s very simple.  Choromatsu is known within his brothers like someone with a really bothersome, too notorious self-awareness, and a very inflated ego due to everything he says, especially about himself.

So, via the Sports Day inititiation speech, he pretty much inflates his ego way more, the light produced by it being too overwhelmingly annoying for the enemy charactersor just anyone in general.

Watch episode 19, you’ll understand this whole ‘self-awareness’ issue much better.

~Mod Jyushi

it’s actually mochi rice / chimaki  mod jyushi. -mod oso