The steampunk au has taken over my life bye /credit for this idea goes to @chandralia/


Is there a reason why Choro’s stages are the only ones with the ‘boss’ label from the beginning?

from what I’ve played of his stages so far, I think it’s because all of the enemy units are large and fairly powerful, so they’re all considered “bosses” of whatever previous series they came from

~mod choro

my ichimatsu team couldnt pass level 10 even though i passed all the other levels in a minute or less and i am crying

T b h, maaaaayyyybe it has to do with the fact that Ichi’s and Choro’s are the heardest stages you can get yourself into.

Pretty sure a team of 9-10 golden Choros (and most fo them had to be max-leveled) was your only way of finishing Choro’s Stage 10 ??  And about Ichi – I just don’t know, but I guess a couple of JPs managed to finish those … somehow, you probably need a miracle.

~Mod Jyushi

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Dayon: Christmas Normie

Dayon transformed into a normie enjoying himself at a Christmas party. With his cake-shaped hat, he jokes around and is the life of the party.