Sorry this is a follow up question to data transfer, but how do ypu knowyour password? I dont think the game ever asked me for one

Follow-up to this post

Huh, for real ??  Impossible, have you read the whole thing ??  ‘Cause the guide gives you this picture, and then to take a screenshot of what the first button gives you before starting to perform the Data Transfer.

Idk, if I were you, I would make sure I read the guide several times, familiarize myself with it before performing the real thing, ‘cause if you mess this up you will lose your chance of recovering your data and that would be a real tragedy.

~Mod Jyushi


Hesokuri Wars||Sweet Series||Jyuushimatsu

Like I always say, if your phone can’t play your sinful anime’s game, there’s always the PSX, right?

Hey! Um i just beat level 100. Are there more levels? Because there aren’t anymore levels for me…

Nope, there aren’t more than 100 stages in the Main Game.  Now that you are done with that you can practice to finish the level even faster (maybe to grind for money too) or try to get 10+ in all the event characters (where you can also grind for money).

Honestly, once you finish the 100th stage you can only start praying for cool events and less suffering in general, or at least that my case.

~Mod Jyushi