*listens to livin’ on a prayer while playing the iyami stages because praying that the iyamibots don’t destroy my team is all i can do at this point*

Same, man – .

The Kara Stages have their own freakin’ playlist now:

Because I’m probably not the only one who still HAD to finish this beast with their sucky team.

~Mod Jyushi


I WANNA CRY i did the 10-rolls 2x for the traveling gacha because i really wanted the totty group selfie one BUT INSTEAD I GOT /FOUR/ TRAVELING KARAMATSUS AND NOT OF OTHERS W H Y

I’m honestly laughing a this ask rn, because I’m picturing your reaction and it’s simply beautiful

but at the same time I’m scared because I wanna make a 10-roll in the Tabi Gatcha too and if I get four Karas and not my Jyushi I WILL CRY.

~Mod Jyushi

The bgm on this new event make me want to dance

Really funky, amirite ??  It gives me a – classic Japanese vibe for some reason (-Coughs- ‘cause I used to watch Takeshi’s Castle CENTURIES ago -Coughs-), it’s a pretty nice song.

Link here.

Ehhhh, kinda lame for me, Idk, I don’t think I’m seeing it ??  Just because we have the guy “singing” in the background it reminds me to a completely different song, ngl.

~Mod Jyushi