It is now 2017 where I am!! Happy New Years!! Thank you for following me, everyone, and supporting my art!! Matsu year was so much fun. Next year as well, please treat me kindly!! Enjoy, everyone!! 



Osomatsu-san X UNO

Basically a game where you play UNO with the sextuplets. Is a fangame I made for my college and it get out of control and the result is this.

I posted screenshots before like a journal as how my project was going and people actually wanted to play it, so you can download it now if you want.

Download here (The game was reuploaded with the instructions to fix the dll error).

The game music was made by the amazing Octunes, go check their youtube channel if you can!!

Again it’s a fangame but I put a lot of time and effort in this so please DO NOT REPOST. Share the link? Please do. Reblog? Hell yeah. But please don’t repost.