Jesus I still haven’t gotten fucking Tanooki Todo. Douche bag refuses to come, and normally he’s the worst, seconded only up fucking Oso and Choro. I hate these damn NEETs.

My dear renni-j, did you make sure to put our a cushion for him? Maybe your home isn’t inviting enough. Jokes aside, you’ll surely roll him soon


am i the only one getting fucked by the event gacha rates? ive seen some rly lucky scouts that ppl did and so far ive only got single copies per 10× roll (and the kara from a solo right after tellin him to f off bc i was only getting his 1★ones lmao)

Ah dear tsubuzakiss, the gacha percentage for the yokai event is 19.75%, certainly it’s just bad luck. 

I had about 170 diamonds so I decided to be irresponsible and spend it all. First I rolled the new Steampunk Jyushi, then Macroon Karamatsu, which I haven’t gotten yet. I was so happy, that I decided I should try and roll for the Jyushi Pan I have needed and wanted for the longest time, so I spent my last fifty whispering “Jyushi Pan, Jyushi Pan, Jyushi Pan” like I always do AND THERE HE WAS. I might cry. . . Crane Oso and I will have all the popular set. YAHOO!!

How lucky my lovely anonyme!