totty you spoke too soon



스 스 스위츠라 안혀요~

Sweetsmatsu description translations

as always it’s probably not the most accurate, i’m still learning so sorry for any mistakes/confusion!! ~mod choro.

Osomatsu as a pastry chef riding on pancakes. He throws a small bottle of maple syrup when he attacks.

Karamatsu as… no, not a pastry chef. Karamatsu as he’s immersed in a soda float naked. Which results in a sneeze thanks to growing too cold.

Choromatsu as a pastry chef, riding on a pistachio tart. He attacks by flinging a huge pistachio like a pachinko machine flings a ball, but then is shocked as he cracks the Nyaa-chan chocolate plate….

Ichimatsu as a pastry chef, perched on a spoon beside a blueberry mousse cake. He tries to throw a blueberry to attack, but losing his balance in return.

Jyushimatsu as a pastry chef… who also became a part of a waffle cone parfait. He attacks by thrusting the cone forward, rotating it like a drill.

Todomatsu as a pastry chef, riding on a fork (with a peach fromage on it) as if he was a witch. When did he learn the skills to manipulate the fork at his will like this…? Actually, I don’t wanna know!

Hey can I ask for the link for the “I’m not even that edgy -mod ichi” post that mod oso(?) Photoshopped? I’ve been trying to find it because it’s top quality but I’m on mobile right now :/

here you go


even though i feel regret that i didn’t make some sort of video and audio with music playing in the background saying ‘edgy edgy edgy’ repeatedly but..

somehow i feel that doing that would increase my chance of being killed by a certain someone suddenly and mysteriously and unsuspectedly causing me to vanish one day but i already vanished just a while ago but that was simply a clever ruse and perhaps my cat also into this because they can control cats very well and i…

no don’t worry about it hahaha… ^^;

Edit: hahah jk i’m going to totally do that


Huh? What do you mean about me making another shitpost of @hesokuri-wars blog? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

And so, Mod Oso Incident!

I tried, I tried. I tried to not draw this but I did it anyways after finishing ichi’s blockman for a postcard. Okay so this is how I interpret it and welp. Oh also another unrelateable bonus undercut: Mod Choro Savage!

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