Based on new Matsuno Greek Gods cards in Hesokuri Wars game ❤


mod jyushi is an angel confirmed! thank you for compiling the weakest-strongest matsu list and always having very detailed responses ; w ;

I wanna thank the academy – .

N a h, jk.  Tbh, I had been thinking in making the list for a loooong while, I just couldn’t sit down and work on it, and the Database is also slow when it comes to updating characters like Todomatsu and Choromatsu, but especially Todo.

Hope my stuff can help people out, especially now that I’m back and active on the Blog again~ . ♥

~Mod Jyushi (feeling satisfied)

(INCOMPLETE) Strongest sets in Heso Wars

I had never thought I would post about this again, but, taking in count that there’s a second round of BetaBeta Stages taking place as I’m typing this, I told myself: ‘Mod Jyushi, it’s time’.

I was thinking to just write the 10 strongest Silver and Golden sets buuut it’s more easier for me to just write two full lists of both kinds and call it a day (it’ll be easier for all of you too).

I made a similar list a while ago, and, while flawed here and there (becuase I’m TERRIBLE at math) I followed the same process to make this one and PROBABLY save a few lives.

[COPY-PASTE] Process I followed to make this two lists:

I only based myself on the six main Matsus’ attack stats (adding the side characters would make things a little bit more complex, and most of these are not easy to get).

[ You can learn about their stats in the Japanese Database. ]

I did a little bit of math to get a general attack stat per set (aka, I added each Matsu’s attack stat to one, unique number and then divided it by 6).

Silver Sets (from weakest to strongest)

(*) Event set
(**) Event Set that hasn’t been added to the Event Comeback Gatcha yet to this day (11/02/2016)

Golden Sets (from weakest to strongest)

(*) Set only aviable through a Retires Comeback Gatcha to this day (11/02/2016)

This list is not complete due to the Database not being done updating the newest sets, DON’T ASK ABOUT THEM PLEASE. ´v`’’

Now I hope this can help, even if it’s not detailed, you can always read the Database for further details – .

~Mod Jyushi

Y’all i am stuck at stage 10 of the betabeta kara , it’s somewhat driving me inpatient but i think i may do it, has anyome tryed the kara one here now?

Yup, just enter into the Blog and start traveling back in time until last week or so.

Tbh, I’ll be direct with you, if you are impatient then say GOODBYE to passing Kara’s Stage 10, tbh.  It took me two real hours (even with the Speed Boots on) to finish that stage, and it was worth it.

Other people had to stay for FOUR TIMES MY OWN TIME, some other people had to play FOR A WHOLE DAY to finish this stage.

Good luck, Anónimo, you are going to need it, and a lot of patience too.

~Mod Jyushi