also i drew this awful man while stremaing


(I’m that anon with 30lvl jyu) no, todomatsu from kimono(?) gatcha where he has green scarf and umbrella I also have choro from schoolmatsu but as I know, he’s not that strong.. but thank you anyway! I’ll try to lvl up todo and get any good choros then

• (ahh I forgot: and another totty from baseball golden gatcha) 
• I think it’s a lag cuz I’ve sent the question from mobile only 1 time.. sorry 😦

1) Y e a h, I actually thought on it once I posted the question, you caught me in the middle of a migraine and seeing the “copy-paste” settled me off, I really apologize if I came out as rude, I swear I didn’t wanted to !!  I deleted it so I guess we both settled things down with each other already.

2) The Kimono set is probably the second-last strongest set in the game (since the Jobmatsu and the Princematsu sets kicked that one and the Senbatsu set, which would be the third-last, out of the ranking), while Schoolmatsu is probably the forth-fifth strongest, so I’m not sure why are you discrediting him so easily – he’s strong.

Again, sorry for that, but careful with mobile next time, oh my Goodness, it can create innecessary messes like this one !!

~Mod Jyushi

The hesowars wiki already updated the stats for the event oso, kara, and ichi

Just reblogging this very quick to tell everyone that the stats of the new set had not been confirmed yet, those are a generalized version the Database puts to every brand new Event Set.

You can tell because, at the bottom of the Stats Page you can read ‘※参考データ’ in red, which translates as literally ‘※reference data’.

Check the newest sets a few days after they’ve been posted if you wanna know it’s a set you could use or not, because it could be stronger or weaker than what’s stated as a reference.

If the red text has been deleted then it’s safe to decide if you want them in your team or not !!


looks like they’re all on the front page so check em out

~Mod Jyushi