okay kids, most of you probably don’t know this, but i have been trying to shut down the blog for a while now. i decided, a while ago, that the deadline for this decision is on the 9th. so with mod jyushi deciding to leave, there is really no more mods left, except mod choro (who will inherit this blog to turn into a translation blog). but this blog will be shut down, and cease functioning as it originally was. and so that’s that. i suppose


toyherb replied to your post “I don’t know if I’m just really picky but it feels like the last set I…”

They are possessed in this one instead of actually being youkai but I like this set just as much bc of the colors

i think that’s why the set is unique on its own. i mean its kinda interesting how jyushi is strong enough to push the inugami out of his body. after all of those aus with spiritmatsu, it’s finally true. you know what’s funny is like oso got possessed by the most fearsome youkai, who is also a drunkard? he’s so in tuned with the youkai that it could transform his body, i wonder if he would feel strain afterward. the mythology around these youkais are interesting hence i love them.