Ichigeruge is still the best

Nice that Choro finally gets to join the crew in art, after the crane machines had a Cherry bro plush of him!

In honor of the ending of the Bandmatsu Stages and Gatcha (that took place like 18 minutes ago) I have decided to post these transparents of the little band boys for anyone to use them~ .

No, I didn’t feel like adding the musical notes because most of them were cut out from the pics I was using.

( @transparenthesokuri just in case you don’t see these. -Fingerguns.-)

~Mod Jyushi

Pazzmatsu Friend ID exchange


Hey, wanna trade your pazz/puzz(le)matsu game ID because you lost your account twice and have to restart from nothing again? Or could it be that you don’t have friends who play the game? Worry not! I have made a googlesheet of all the ID of anyone who would like to have more friends. Make sure to add us or we’ll be lonely!

Pazzmatsu Friend ID exchange

and this is what the previous anon was referring to, this beautiful…beautiful… beautiful………. I FUCKIN–

so yeah, it looks like they’re combining hesokuri wars, tabimatsu, and pazzmatsu all into one and coming out with not one, but two official sets! the silhouettes on the left seem to contain the band series from pazzmatsu, while the ones on the right contain the official tabimatsu outfits! (I am also Very Concerned™ about what jyushi might be holding in his tabimatsu outfit sprite)

oh, and by the way, it looks like they’re officially titling this combo as “The Osomatsu-san App Collab: NEET Fes (Festival) – Part 1” soooooo I’m guessing this means that we can expect combos like this in the future??? It certainly would be possible, since there are so many series in pazzmatsu, and not to mention all those nice ass tabimatsu-exclusive outfits that show up in both their regular and event skits~

~mod choro who is very excited

IDK but does anyone here plays pazumatsu? There is an event going on and I wonder once I got the note that I get a matsu point where I know that i got it? I get so confused about this bz the last event I got some matsus but I dint receive it?

you go to the menu (which is iyami at the bottom of your screen, tap the button that says “受け取りポスト” and voila. tap the “受け取り” button to officially receive them.

btw there’s a puzzmatsu tumblr here

~mod choro