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I’ve been playing Puzzlematsu and I got King Jyushi!! So i searched for the other’s king costume and wanted to draw them

I’ll try to finish them!


We’re getting some new king Matsu’s in Hesokuri Wars it seems, with these cute images as previews 😀 I just cropped them a bit for potential icon purposes 🙂 EDIT: not Heso, new stuff for Puzzmatsu!!!!

Also, I am alive at the idea that the ESP kitty doll gets passed around, nothing could bring me more joy really.


Office worker Matsu’s? As if these NEETs could get jobs like that :’D


Transparents of the new King Matsu’s set 🙂 

(I’m sorry if Jyushi’s flower looks bad…but honestly sometimes the color choices they make for these images do not get along with PS’s tools…)