The bgm on this new event make me want to dance

Really funky, amirite ??  It gives me a – classic Japanese vibe for some reason (-Coughs- ‘cause I used to watch Takeshi’s Castle CENTURIES ago -Coughs-), it’s a pretty nice song.

Link here.

Ehhhh, kinda lame for me, Idk, I don’t think I’m seeing it ??  Just because we have the guy “singing” in the background it reminds me to a completely different song, ngl.

~Mod Jyushi


Hello! This question is for Mod Choro! Is it possible for you to translate the set descriptions too? eg. Neetland series: High attack, Independent: harder to push back, 88th Senbatsu: Longer range, lower attack, slightly higher HP (I can only read a little bit of Japanese haha) You can check out the set descriptions by dropping a character into the blue space at the bottom in the team selection then holding the pink box down (in case you don’t know) Thanks if you can do this! :D

sure I can make a masterpost of all the series (or at least… the ones I have because I wasn’t playing hesokuri wars until like this summer), just give me some time and I’ll have that out for people

~mod choro


nah dude it’s better if we have a masterpost on the blog anyway

make a spreadsheet, i can help you with that

Jyushi/Todo BetaBeta Stages questions

Because the first round of BetaBeta Stages is over and I have some room to breathe and clean half of the askbox~ .

The original Jyushi Beta Stages had Iyami Bots too, the thing is that you were supposed to be FAST ENOUGH to reach the base and destroy it before the bot could sweep you.

Now that the stage is way longer and has stronger enemies is Hell, amirite ??  I’m sorry you have no golds, but I can always share this (incomplete) list with you.

  • (*) Event set
  • (**) Event set that hasn’t been added to the Event Comeback Gatcha yet.

It’s a ranking with most of the Silver Sets from strongest to weakest.  Not sure if it’ll help you somehow, but, you know, always nice to know what are you planning to level up.

I sincerely think this is the Heso Staff asking us to try all the Matsus out and not just our Faves, tbh.  It could also be a way of teaching us, in a very sutile way, that not only the strongest sets are necessary to win things, you need to take in count other characteristics.

What did I learned myself ??  This two things:

  • The Bigger, the Bulkier:
    Mod Oso mentioned me once that he was using Geruge Kara to play the Kara Stages because, due to the fact that he’s HUGE, he had greater defenses.
    It seems like bigger Matsus (like Geruge, Parade, and Summer Festival) can be better walls, just like really high-leveled Matsus (aka, the Jobmatsu set).
  • Wider-range can save you:
    We already knew that the Summer Festival set was a set that had a wider range in terms of attacks – , and for the Oso and Jyushi Stages those have been CRUCIAL if you wanted to finish them.
    The other wide-range set I know about is Kimono, but there’s probably more, it’s a matter of experimenting.

Who knows, maybe they’re preparing something BIG, maybe they’ll bring a set of Alpha Stages and we will regret our lives withing this game …  We can only wait.

  1. @cutiecartoony​ • […] do you happen to know when the next event will be so that way my life will have meaning again?
    The Bakumatsu Event is already out, but you can check the Update Section in our Sidebar to know these things next time.  And, if you are on mobile, you can always check the Links Page for the same content.
  2. When the Jyushi and Totty stages are over and announce Oso’s and Choro’s levels, I’m not going to give up and try again hopefully with more earned coins.
    Well good luck then, friend, hope we can both finish Todo’s 10 Stage at some point~ .

  • @chocoluvr15 • Jyushi Stages
    If you haven’t finished those yet, we have this BEAUTIFUL tutorial some peep sent us yesterday.  If you haven’t finished the Stages yet I reccommend you to check it out~ .
  • Todo Stages
    I haven’t managed to finish these myself, but we probably will need bulkier Todomatsus (or just a huge batch of them) if we wanna finsih those stages.  My advice ??  Use silvers to bodyguard your golds, spam the NEET Canon as much as you can and MAKE SURE you can build a wall of Todomatsu as fast as possible.
    The NEET Canon, AP Max and HP Max powerups are probably going to be a requirement to finish these stages so take that in count.
  • (*) Retired set/only aviable via a Retired Comeback Gatcha.

Here, have my (uncomplete) ranking of strongest Golden sets.  Reminder for me to post these later.

I’m getting ready for the second round of Todo’s BetaBeta Stages, ngl.  Ichi and Choro are founding this.

~Mod Jyushi