nature’s ideas for a hypothetical steampunkmatsu au story


Kinda inspired by my last reblog.

Since posting that little Steampunkmatsu AU headcanon a couple of days ago, I’ve been thinking: if someday I decide I’m crazy enough to write a full-fledged fic about said AU, what would the plot be? I’ve been throwing some ideas in my head here and there, and I think I got something. Admittedly it could use more fleshing out – or heck, I could also probably think of a better plot – but at the same time, I’d like to share what I have in mind so far because I like sharing ideas with friends ;w;

That, and I figured I could use this blog to share and save my silly fic ideas, in case I wanna revisit them or actually write them in the future. I hope you guys are alright with that? ^^;

Very long post under the cut!

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