(INCOMPLETE) Strongest sets in Heso Wars

I had never thought I would post about this again, but, taking in count that there’s a second round of BetaBeta Stages taking place as I’m typing this, I told myself: ‘Mod Jyushi, it’s time’.

I was thinking to just write the 10 strongest Silver and Golden sets buuut it’s more easier for me to just write two full lists of both kinds and call it a day (it’ll be easier for all of you too).

I made a similar list a while ago, and, while flawed here and there (becuase I’m TERRIBLE at math) I followed the same process to make this one and PROBABLY save a few lives.

[COPY-PASTE] Process I followed to make this two lists:

I only based myself on the six main Matsus’ attack stats (adding the side characters would make things a little bit more complex, and most of these are not easy to get).

[ You can learn about their stats in the Japanese Database. ]

I did a little bit of math to get a general attack stat per set (aka, I added each Matsu’s attack stat to one, unique number and then divided it by 6).

Silver Sets (from weakest to strongest)

(*) Event set
(**) Event Set that hasn’t been added to the Event Comeback Gatcha yet to this day (11/02/2016)

Golden Sets (from weakest to strongest)

(*) Set only aviable through a Retires Comeback Gatcha to this day (11/02/2016)

This list is not complete due to the Database not being done updating the newest sets, DON’T ASK ABOUT THEM PLEASE. ´v`’’

Now I hope this can help, even if it’s not detailed, you can always read the Database for further details – .

~Mod Jyushi


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